Earthquakes in the SAO astronomers' vilage Nizhnyj Arkhyz.

Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology. Seismic Monitor

2013 April 12. The earthquake was at night on 2h 31m T4 with the epicentre on Abhasian territory 45 km north of Suhum where the shock was of 4.6 magnitude. In Nizhnyj Arkhyz, subterranean noise was heard, and tremors with an amplitude of 10 cm were felt.

2011 January 19. The echo of the earthquake happend in the Western Georgia with the magnitude of 7 in the epicentre near Kukasridi village, Van district was felt in the astronomers' village. The oscillations of the transverse wave only were directed by East-West line and had amplitude of 3-5 cm. The oscillations of higher amplitude from this quake were detected also in Turkey, Abhazia and South Osetia. As the Internet site informes, the earthquakes happened on this day also in Kirgizia and China, and before,the strong earthquake happened in the South-West of Pakistan, in India and Indonesia.

2008 October 11. The earthquake has happened in 13h 08m T4. The oscillations of longitudinal wave only were felt in the direction on East-West with the amplitude of about 5 cm. In the center of the earthquake, in Shatoi region of Chechenia Republic, the shock had 5.5 magnitude.

Nizhnyj Arkhyz on October 11, 2008. O.K.