Data sources:

47: BVRc photometry by N.V.Metlova and V.P.Goranskij with CCD Apogee-47p and the SAI Crimean Station 60 cm telescope.
CSS: CSS magnitudes. A.J.Drake, E.C.Beshore, S.G.Djorgovski, A.A.Mahabal, M.J.Graham, R.Williams, M.Catelan, S.M.Larson, R.Hill, A.Gibbs, A.Boattini, E.Cristensen, ATel No.1940, 2009 (The data are taken from their computer generated light curve, the photometric system is unestablished. Initial date of this plot was accepted as 2005-01-01 (JD 2453371.5)).
PD: J.L.Prieto, K.Denney, O.Peicha, R.M.Wagner, ATel No.1835, 2008.
Pi: BVRc photometry by V.P.Goranskij with the SAI Crimean Station 50-cm Maksutov meniscus telescope AZT-5 and CCD MEADE Pictor-416.
SDS,RTC: g,r-magnitudes from SDSS and RETROCAM (the same source).
SH: BVRc photometry by S.Yu.Shugarov with the CCD ST10MXE and the 50.8 cm telescope G1 of Stara Lesna Observatory, Slovakia.
SO: BVRc photometry by V.P.Goranskij with the CCD EEV 42-40 and SAO 1 m telescope.