IYA-2009 in Ukraine: buldozer against the astronomy

"Dogs bark but caravan goes", says an Eastern proverb. In the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, the construction of elite living and entertaning housing complex has began inspite of the astronomer's protests. "Dogs" are astronomers who are affraid that the closeness of this housing complex will disturb serious problems for astronomical observations due to sky lighting and ground vibration from passing cars. Story of this problem is given in the newspaper "Crimean time" dated by 4.12.2008 in the paper called "Star Dust. What will destroy Crimean Astrophysical Observatory" translated here into English.

Our reporter shows:

- I am sending to you several photos of beginning construction. When I went there to do photos for the first time I was driven away (there was workday). Then I decided to wait for a day off. It turned out that on Aptil 2 people is going to protest there at building site. Certainly, there were scientific researchers and some engeneers for the most part, and also amateurs and ecologists. Television arrived to shoot an event. I take occasion, because nobody was been scared by photo camera that time.

At least many photos demonstrate that a huge ground layer has begun to be cut off just on the slope of the hill covered by the forrest within the field of prime vision of the Big Solar Telescope dome (I think that it is about 200 meters behind).

This is the first photo. Well seen are 20-year old unfinished house, terraces being developed and people coming to protest.

This is a fragment of the first photo. Working people stare at...

The second photo. Dome of Solar telescope is not far behind.

The third photo. The head of Gamma-Ray Laboratory V.P.Fomin staying under digged up slope. Gamma-Ray telescope is located just behind this hillok at the distance of 100-150 meters away. There is no prime visibility of the telescope, but it will be indeed from the upper floors of building...Naturally, the prime lighting of the telescope will take place...

The fourth photo. View top-down from the unfinished building. Group of protesters. Solar telescope at prime visibility. And a huge terrace. This is only start, the terrace will be digged further ahead in the direction of Solar telescope, it being planned not one but seems three tiers...

The fifth photo. Group of protesters staying on the place of cleared and digged up slope of the hill.