Serveys and Databases

DSS input form
The SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey
SDSS SkyServer. DR12 Navigator
Gaia archive
VisieR Search Form
The SuperWASP
Pi of the Sky
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey
The Catalina Survey CSS Light Curves
SkyMapper. Southern Sky Servey
NED. Extragalactic DataBase
CDS/ADS Abstract Servey
SIMBAD Astronomical Database
GCVS. Query form
AAVSO Variable Star Search. Query Form
AAVSO. International Variable Star Index
The Two Micron All Sky Survey. Image Service
IRAS: InfraRed Astronomical Satellite
The NRAO VLA Sky Survey
Catalog of Globular Cluster Variables
Mermilliods Photometric Database
Supernovae Links
SteLib. Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Toulouse-Tarbes
Identification of Small Planets Using Their Positions
Ephemerides of Observable Comets (IAU)
Ephemerides of Moving Bodies (NASA/JPL)
Ephemerides (positions) of Sun, Moon and Planets
NIST Atomic Spectra Database (Lines Form)
GEOS. RR Lyr Database
A Library of High-Resolution Spectra of Stars across the H-R Diagram. The UVES Paranal Observatory Project
ESO: List of Spectrophotometric Standards
A.Henden's ptm standards for symbiotic variables
The Online HST Guide Star Catalogue
ESO Science Archive. UVES spectra. Query form
Extragalactic Novae. Rochester Astronomy
ARAS Spectral Data Base. Galactic Novae. Forum.
NASA. Koji's List of Galactic Novae.
Barycentric Velocity Correction. Java applet.
Transient Name Server. Weizmann Institute.

Astronomical institutes and organizations

Sternberg Astronomical Institute (Rus.)
Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
International Astronomical Union
IAU: Light pollution
European Southern Observatory
European Astronomical Society
American Association of Variable Star Observers
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Center for Backyard Astrophysics
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
RXTE/ASM Light Curves Overview
Chandra. X-ray observatory
INTEGRAL. Gamma-ray laboratory
The United States Naval Observatory
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
NRAO - National Radio Astronomical Observatory
IDA - International Dark-Sky Organization. In Facebook

Private Internet sites of russian professional astronomers

AstroTop 100

Russian and International astronomical meetings

Scientific conferences in Russia
CADC/Meeting List

Financial Support for Astronomy

Russian Foundation for Basic Research
European Science Foundation

Journals and information serveys

Astrophysical Journal
Astronomical Journal
Publications of the American Astronomical Society Pacific
EDP Sciences. Astronomy and Astrophysics
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Publications of the Astronomical Society Japan
Informational Bulletin on Variable Stars
Variable Stars (Russian)
AAVSO Journal
Open European Journal on Variable Stars (Czehia)
Astronomy Reports (Rus.)
Astronomy Letters (Rus.)
Astrophysical Bulletin (Rus.) (Eng.)
ATEL. Astronomers Telegram
IAU Circulars
The ESO Messenger
Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica
GCN. Gamma Burster Information
AGB Newsletter
VSNET Mailing Lists
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Communications in Asteroseismology (Austria). Stopped Edition
Sky and Telescope
Sterne und Weltraum (Germany)

Correct time for astronomy

Astronomy for amateurs
24 time zones
USNO Time Service Department
Greenwich Mean Time
Time Is


Today's Weather Map of Russia
Russia's Weather
GisMeteo Nizhnij Arkhys
Meteo France
Weather-Forcast.Com in Zelenchukskaya
Weather map ZAMG, Austria
Meteonova robot. Weather in Nizhnij Arkhyz
Accuweather. Satellite. Russia
MetOffice, England. World satellite imagery

Sky web cameras of SAO RAS Upper Observation Area

BTA on line
BTA Dome and Zeiss-1000
BTA guide camera
BTA meteo environment
SAO e-mail; SAO RoundCube; MTS; Beeline; Megafon-Kavkaz; Sim-Travel; KyivStar