A5: V.P.Goranskij with the 50-cm meniscus Maksutov telescope of the Moscow University Crimean Observational Station and Apogee Alta U8300 CCD.
CB: S.Kiyota, P.Schmeer, F.Watanabe, K.Yosimoto, CBAT.
CH: D.Chochol, L.Hambalek, R.Komzik, T.Pribulla, A.Skopal, ATel #14243, 2020 (from AAVSO).
GD: V.P.Goranskij with the SAO 1-m Zeiss guide refractor and Atik 414ex CCD without filters (~Rc).
MC: U.Munari, F.Castellani, S.Dallaporta, V.Andreoli, ATel #14224, 2020.
MO: U.Munari, P. Ochner, P. Valisa, S.Dallaporta, ATel #14229, 2020.
SO: V.P.Goranskij with the SAO 1-m Zeiss telescope and UBVRcIc photometer based on CCD EEV 42-40.
VN: H.Itoh, K.Wenzel, vsnet-alert No.25235, 2021.