Data sources:

pg: eye estimates by V.P.Goranskij and S.Yu.Shugarov using photographic plates of SAI Moscow and Sonneberg plate collections;
AJ: A.Jones, New Zealand (vis+0.4);
AGi,GiK(Gilmore and Kilmartin),CPu(C.Pullen),HAb(H.Abe) ,Had,Hen(A.Henden),HZL,KIT(K.Torii),Kis(S.Kiyota), Knk(K.Kanatsu), Leh,Lil(W.Liller),MAS(G.Masi),Nry,Oud(Ouda team),Tmz(K.Takamizawa) : VSNET
RH: BVIc photometry made by A.Retter and G.Handler with UCT CCD at 76-cm telescope from Sutherland, South Africa.
SO: UBVRc photometry made by E.A.Barsukova and V.P.Goranskij with CCD EEV 42-40 at 100-cm telescope of the Special Astrophysical Observatory, North Caucasus, Russia.
VA: UBVRcRj photometry made V.P.Goranskij with Princeton Instruments' CCD VersArray at 60-cm telescope of the SAI Crimean Station, Ukraine.
6m: VR photometry by V.P.Goranskij, E.A.Barsukova and V.F.Valeev made with the BTA/SCORPIO.