Literature sources:

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A47,47: UBVRc/Rj photometry by E.A.Barsukova andV.P.Goranskij with the SAI Crimean Station 60-cm Zeiss telescope and Apogee A47p CCD.
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c7: VRc photometry by V.P.Goranskij with CCD SBIG ST-7 and CrAO 38-cm telescope.
Me: UBV photometry by N.V.Metlova with 60-cm telescope of SAI Crimean Station and V.M.Lyuty's photoelectric UBV photometer.
MM: UBVRc photometry by V.P.Goranskij with the SAO RAS 1-m Zeiss telescope and multymode photometer - polarimeter MMPP.
MMT: U.Munari, S.Moretti, S.Tomaselli, CBET 1027, 2007.
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Pi: BVRc photometry by V.P.Goranskij with the SAI Crimean Station 50-cm meniscus Maksutov telescope and MEADE Pictor-416 CCD.
SO: UBVRc photometry by V.P.Goranskij and E.A.Barsukova with CCD EEV 42-40 and SAO 1-m telescope.
T: T.N.Tarasova, IBVS No.5807, 2007 (AAVSO data from Fig.1).
VS: V photometry by V.Soloviev with CCD SBIG ST-L-11K 3 and Kazan Univ. 30-cm telescope.