Data sources:
(Systematical differences are corrected)

pg: Prediscovery photographic observations by V.P.Goranskij using the plates of SAI Crimean Station 40-cm astrograph (extracted from an unresolved pair with the companion of 17m.82B).
IC: IAU Circulars.
BS: B.A.Skiff, IBVS No.3983, 1994.
MT: U.Munari, T.V.Tomov, A.Antonov, R.Pasuello, G.Sostero, A.Lepardo, I.Dalmeri, IBVS No.4005, 1994.
HP: L.Hric, K.Petric, Z.Urban and D.Hanzl, Astron. and Astrophys. Suppl. Series V.133, 211, 1988.
KM: K.Kijewski, B.E.Martin, T.Foster, D.P.Hube, JRAS Canada V.89, 43, 1995.
AA: V.P.Goranskij, E.A.Karitskaya, A.V.Kusakin, T.M.Pogrosheva with 48- and 100-cm telescopes and WBVR photometer by V.G.Kornilov. Tien-Shan Astronomical Observatory, Kazakhstan.
Na: V.P.Goranskij with 48-cm and 100-cm telescopes and WBVR photometer NADIR, Tien-Shan Astronomical Observatory, Kazakhstan.
Sh: V.P.Goranskij, S.Yu.Shugarov and E.A.Karitskaya with the photoelectric UBV-photometer constructed by S.Yu.Shugarov and I.M.Volkov. 70-cm telescope of SAI Moscow observatory, 60-cm telescope at Zvenigorod Station Institute of Astronomy and 60-cm and 125-cm telescopes of SAI Crimean Station, Ukraine.
C6,C7: BVR photometry by V.P.Goranskij with CCD SBIG ST-6 and ST-7 with 60-cm telescope of SAI Crimean Station, Ukraine.
SO: UBVR photometry by V.P.Goranskij and E.A.Barsukova with CCD Elektronika-585 and EEV 42-40 and 100-cm of the Special Astrophysical Observatory.